Disc Rotors

Why do we machine the disc rotors when replacing the disc pads?

  • Modern vehicles today have better braking systems than vehicles of yesterday, but to achieve this the frictions applied are far greater and generate a lot more heat, causing disc rotor warping and bending. This is normally felt as a brake shudder or brake pedal pulsing. Excess noise can also be generated due to glazing of the disc rotors again caused by heat.
  • By machining the disc rotor surfaces at brake pad replacement time, you are ensuring that your brakes are back to “as new” condition and therefore more efficient and safer.
  • All rotors are measured before machining. If they are under minimum thickness we recommend replacement.


  • Don’t wash your wheels just after driving your car as the cold water hitting the hot brake parts causes disc rotor distortion, again leading to shudders and pulsing.
  • Avoid excessive and heavy braking, as this causes excessive heat.
  • Avoid driving through large quantities of water when your disc rotors are hot.